Liver transplants help save thousands of lives each year. The treatment option is getting increasingly affordable in countries including India. A Senior Liver Transplant Doctor in New Delhi has the best surgical options for you to resume with your normal life. But preparing for a liver transplant is also necessary as there are emotional and physical and other challenges to be overcome.

After you have financially prepared for your liver transplant (may have a cost of around $20000 to $ 30000) in India, you also need to prepare yourself for the surgical treatment. You need to undergo the pre-transplant clinical tests (including x-rays, cardiac echo, colonoscopy, and others). Any medicines you take should be prescribed and monitored by the doctor.

Being Mentally and Physically Prepared

The procedure may take around up to 2 months. Around 30% of people opt out of a liver transplant as they are not well prepared. Therefore, you should be a proper mental and physical state to undergo a successful treatment in one go.

a. Keep in consultation with your coordinator, exercise regularly and have your meals as prescribed by the doctor. See to it that you have a normal BMI (Body Mass Index). Exercise and healthy meals will help you stay in shape.

b. Keep yourself busy in meaningful and worthwhile tasks so that unnecessary bad thoughts do not disturb you.

c. Have with you someone why can care for you and offer the support you emotionally as well.
You will get a call whenever a liver is available or transplant. You should have instant transport arranged beforehand.

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